Tips on choosing the perfect property maintenance provider

Property maintenance, whether it is to cover commercial or domestic properties, is very important for people looking to protect their investments. Some management companies will offer this alongside their other services and then outsource it to other provides so they can focus on more lucrative services. Doing this may leave you at risk of receiving a lower standard of work. Choosing a dedicated provider and keeping the management separate is wise if you want to guarantee quality at all times.

An important thing to consider before choosing a provider is the amount of different services they provide. Some companies will only take on routine jobs whereas others have the skills and experience to handle everything from plumbing to roofing. When you choose a company who offers a multitude of services make sure their tradesmen are qualified and experienced. We have many years of success in the business and years of experience carrying out a range of maintenance services.

Make sure you check availability and confirm that the company you choose will be on hand when you need them. The last thing you want it to have to wait a long time for a tradesman to get to your property when there is a problem. This will inconvenience both you and your tenants.

A key thing to take into account is how organised and hands on the maintenance provider is. Are they flexible enough to check the condition of properties as and when you want them to? Will they arrive to complete repairs with materials and equipment or will there be any delays? We pride ourselves on our prompt, efficient service and on getting the work completed within our clients' required timeframes.

A final thing to check is pricing. Make sure you get an accurate quote and ask whether you will be charged a monthly fee or just for the work that needs doing. We offer completely honest and transparent pricing so you will always be completely informed when you are working with us.