Why is property maintenance important?

A property is only valuable if it's maintained properly. With the right care, a building can even increase in value, especially with the market the way it is. As an owner, it's your responsibility to ensure that your building is kept safe for visitors, residents and employees and that it is not hazardous.

There are many reasons why you should carry out property maintenance on your building. Whether you own a large office or a small rental flat is irrelevant; they all need to be checked. It's your duty of care to do so.

First of all, routine maintenance helps to avoid unnecessary major repairs. A property can easily deteriorate, especially when inhabited, so minor repairs along the way can help dramatically.

Regular maintenance also allows the owner to take care of all electricity items such as switches, wirings and fittings, replacing or refitting them where needs be. Sometimes damaged electrics can prove fatal, so it is imperative that you have them checked regularly.

In some cases, if something goes wrong and you need to involve your insurance company for compensation, they may not pay out. If you, as a property owner - whether commercial or residential - can't prove that you kept within the law (if applicable to your property) and ensured that your building was safe with regular maintenance, there's a chance that they may not pay out.

If you're unable to fulfil these duties on your own, whether you're a multi-property landlord or simply business with your operations, you'll require a property maintenance company to assist you. They need to be efficient, affordable and offer work guaranteed.

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