Specialising in chimney sweeping

Though we may consider chimney sweeping to be a somewhat old fashioned job, it is actually still a vital part of maintenance for many buildings and properties. Over years of use, chimneys will accumulate soot and creosote which needs to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure continued safe operation. This is a tradition that we are proud to continue alongside our many other maintenance and building services in Falkirk and Stirling.

As most houses with fires have a tendency to use wood, creosote can be a problem afflicting many chimneys. Unlike soot, creosote isn't just ash, but particulates of unburned wood that have stuck inside the chimney. If creosote builds up too much, then all it takes is a wayward flame to set this unburned wood alight, which can pose a fire hazard. As such, a chimney needs to be cleaned regularly to remove this risk.

Chimney sweeping involves a lot more than simply sweeping out the soot and creosote from within the chimney. The correct cowl or pot needs to be fitted for your chimney and, if this isn't the case, then we will fit it. Once done, the chimney will be cleaned using an industrial vacuum, as well as brushes and flexible rods for the most thorough clean possible. A draught test will then be performed to ensure that the cleaning has been completed to the highest standard.

Chimney sweeping is becoming something that is needed more and more due to rising gas and electric bills. This has meant that those people who can are burning solid fuels for heat rather than switching on their heating systems to save money. It can also be a means of a more environmentally friendly heating, particularly if the right fuels are used. If you're in need of a trustworthy chimney sweeping service, then you can trust in us, as we specialise in a wide variety of maintenance and building services in Falkirk and Stirling and are well known for our quality chimney sweeping services. Any problems that you have with your chimney and its cleanliness will be thoroughly dealt with by our team.