Creating your dream drive

Driveways can add a great deal of value to a property because they give owners a place to safely park their vehicle off the road. Insurers appreciate this and award discounts for it. You can also choose a design that will add to the aesthetics of the building. Block paving is popular because it offers a range of different layouts but slabs, gravel, chippings and even tar can all look equally as good.

To make the best first impression your driveway should be well presented and professionally built. You'll need to consider the design early and ensure it suits your needs. Keep an eye on the amount of space you have to play with and ensure you can make the most of it. Remember the width needs to be enough for your vehicles as well as additional space for people to open doors and make their way around the car. You should have a minimum of around 10 feet but 12 or more is better. You should also keep this in mind with any paths you build.

An important thing to consider with driveways is the gradient. You can't build it completely flat or else all of the water will pool on the surface when it rains. You need a slight, smooth incline to allow water to run off easily whilst still being able to park your vehicle safely. Getting the grading right also means you avoid the risk of the bottom of the vehicle rubbing on the surface and damaging it.

To get a long lasting driveway that will add value to your home you should consult our experienced builders in Falkirk. We will be able to help you get the perfect solution for your property with a quality, well designed drive. The foundations need to be solid so it won't bow under the weight of the vehicles, and we will always consider the type of ground we are building on and take suitable steps to make it sturdy with good drainage.

Our team of experienced builders in Falkirk have what it takes to design and construct the perfect driveways for all kinds of properties throughout the region. We will create the best feature for you, one that will make best use of the space you have available whilst being functional and aesthetically pleasing.