Managing construction waste

In the construction industry, a clean site is a safe site, and waste needs to be properly managed if safety standards are to be maintained. Alongside allowing people to work and make their way around safely, waste can also be handled in certain ways to reduce the impact on the environment and generate revenue. Many items from construction sites can be recycled, and proper management can also reduce the cost of disposal.

According to a recent study by plumbers and electricians are the best at removing and recycling their waste. They claim that this is because they are typically more aware of the value that exists in it. Builders tend to be the worst at managing waste. The problem typically becomes worse as the size of the projects increase, because when there are a number of people working on a site it can be difficult to ensure they all adhere to the strategy.

To ensure waste is managed properly, it is essential that it is separated. Simply dumping everything into one skip isn't efficient and can cause problems down the line. Different types of materials should be kept separate, whether it is bricks and building rubble, metals, timbers or plastics. Avoiding cross contamination is important and makes recycling much easier.

Builders should be aware that much of their waste is actually recyclable. Things like bricks and concrete can all be transformed into aggregate rather than simply being thrown into landfill. If care is taken, old bricks can even be salvaged and reused. This is particularly important if they are taken from a period property, as these can hold their value well, especially if they are stamped with a particular date.

With proper waste management practices, builders can reduce their risk of incurring fines and also take care of the environment. In the best cases, they will find reduced costs and a new revenue stream.

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