Cleaning your chimney with expert precision

Chimney sweeping may conjure up images of Victorian times, but the truth is that this service remains just as vital now as it did then. If you still have a functioning chimney, then regular cleaning is crucial to get rid of accumulated soot and the hazards that come with it. Alongside our maintenance and building services in Stirling, we can offer you a professional chimney cleaning service.

Chimney sweeping has come a long way over the years and is now carried out with expert equipment by fully qualified and trained tradesmen. Fireplaces which still use wood and coal are relatively common, and coming back into fashion due to their classical appearance and feel. Of course, burning fuel in traditional fireplaces still brings a number of risks, specifically blockages. If a chimney is blocked due to a lack of cleaning, dangerous fumes can be emitted. There is also the risk of runaway soot catching on fire if the chimney is left uncleaned.

If you have one of these traditional fireplaces, it needs to be cleaned at least once a year to minimise the risks. Our experienced team can carry out a fully comprehensive clean of your chimney. We'll ensure the correct cowl or pot is fitted to your chimney and that the flue is cleaned thoroughly. We do the work with brushes, flexible rods and an industrial vacuum to thoroughly remove any built-up soot and dirt. Following the clean, we'll perform a draught test to ensure that the chimney is completely clear.

We are the one and only team that you need turn to when you require any kind of maintenance, repairs, chimney sweeping or building services in Stirling and the surrounding areas. Whatever problems you have with your chimney, we can provide you with extensive advice.