Current challenges in the construction sector

The building trade is an exciting industry which involves many talented individuals working on all kinds of different properties. Over 2.1 million people were employed in the sector in 2014, accounting for 6.3% of the total jobs in the UK. This demonstrates that the industry remains a vital part of the economy.

All industries are presented with challenges over time. The construction industry was hit heavily in 2008 by the financial crisis when many building projects ground to a halt. As the economy recovered so too did the sector and there is now a higher demand for properties than ever before. It is estimated that 250,000 new homes are required every year, resulting in a lot of work for companies.

One concern at the moment is the rising cost of building materials. Approximately 20% of bricks need to be imported into the UK from Europe to account for the demand and the fact that the materials are becoming increasingly scarce here. The end result is that the price of them is rising, putting pressure on developers. The best solution to the rising operating and materials costs in the construction industry is to devise new ways to build properties. This means there is a fantastic opportunity for innovation and exploration of new designs.

We have a team of talented builders ready to take on all kinds of projects, whether it is small scale work such as an extension or larger projects like new builds. Our tradesmen are experienced and highly trained, ensuring they can cater to all kinds of design requirements. We serve a diverse client base and have built a fantastic reputation over forty plus years in the industry.

Alongside the actual building work our builders can also offer advice about designs, materials and several other matters. We always strive to give our clients the best level of service, regardless of how complex the project is. Contact us now for any advice about construction and property maintenance in Falkirk and beyond.