Have your chimney cleaned with us

Summer is the best season to get your chimney cleaned, as the warmer weather will mean you are using your fire less often. Most people will be thinking about cleaning in spring, but if you wait a little longer you could potentially save money by hiring tradesmen when business slows down. There is also the potential that spring could bring some cold weather that will mean you need to have the fire available a little longer.

Chimney cleaning is important to get rid of build-ups of soot and debris. If you don't have it done regularly, the situation will worsen over time and eventually become a fire hazard. When cleaning, it is also a good idea to take a look at the structure of the chimney and make sure everything is in order. Summer is a great time to carry out repairs and cleaning because the weather is typically good.

Cleaning a chimney effectively requires great skill and suitable equipment. A series of extendable brushes and rods is required to reach every part of the chimney and clean it. Additionally, many providers will use an industrial vacuum to help them pick up dust and debris.

It is best to hire an experienced tradesman to so the job, especially if they need to go up on the roof to do the service. They will be able to work safely and should also have the right skills to ensure the work area is kept as clean as possible with such a messy job.

At Johnston Property Maintenance we provide a wide range of tradesman and building services in Falkirk and further afield, catering for all kinds of requirements. We are particularly accomplished at chimney sweeping. We have a lot of experience and the right equipment to accomplish the job efficiently and to a very high standard, ensuring that our customers' chimneys are clean, fresh and functioning properly.

As well as the cleaning we will also check the cowl or pot on your chimney stack to ensure it is positioned properly and not damaged. We will then conduct a draught test to confirm everything is in order. You can always expect the best from our talented tradesmen.