Is your property well maintained?

The law states that landlords are legally required to ensure their properties remain in a safe, habitable condition whilst tenants are living in them. This includes carrying out routine maintenance to inspect utilities and repair problems. The faster you complete repairs and the more care you put into it, the more appreciation tenants will show because they will see you are looking out for their needs. By hiring an experienced company to oversee the maintenance, you can tick both boxes and ensure you receive a professional service.

If you don't meet your obligations and keep a property well maintained, tenants can take several courses of action. One of these is to make a claim against you. If the small claims court finds in their favour you could end up with a bill of up to £5,000. Alternatively in some cases tenants can carry out the repairs or hire a tradesman to do it and deduct the cost from their rent.

A third option is the tenants could report you to the local council if the problems in the property are deemed to be hazardous to their health. When this occurs the council will dispatch someone to carry out an inspection and discover the level of risk. If they side with tenants they can take action to ensure the hazard is removed.

Having a maintenance schedule complete with periodic inspections and prompt repairs is important if you want to ensure tenants are happy with their accommodation. When you arrange an inspection you need to notify the occupants at least 24 hours in advance so they are aware of your arrival. The only time when notice doesn't need to be given is if it is an emergency.

Property maintenance is an ongoing job so it is good to have a talented team to call on when you need help. Landlords can rely on us to meet their requirements and offer the right level of service around the clock, as we offer a wide array of tradesman services in Falkirk and across the surrounding areas.

Our tradesmen have a wide array of skills and can take care of every aspect of maintenance, from basic repairs to electrics, plumbing and decorating. Being based locally means we are on hand when our clients need us, especially in emergency situations.