Make your garage into valuable extra space

Loft conversions are the most popular way to add extra living space to a home as they offer a way to make the most of unused areas in a property. Extensions are also popular, but often involve more work and time, as there is a need to build foundations to support the building materials and often planning permission will be needed. Garage conversions inhabit a middle ground in between these two types of project. They can potentially add some great new living space to a property and have the benefit of already being built on foundations. Additionally, the fact that the structure is already in place means that there will generally be fewer issues with planning, unless you are making large scale alterations.

The aim of a garage conversion is to make the space as much like the rest of the property as possible. To achieve this, the internal walls need refinishing and soundproofing. The floor will generally need to be raised and insulated. The roof is also likely to need attention and additional insulation. Some people will even choose to replace the existing flat roofing with pitched to increase head height.

It is also important to consider access to the newly converted garage. Some people choose to keep the original garage door, but many opt to remove it and rebuild the external wall. This helps the new living space to blend with the rest of the property rather than continuing to mark it out as a garage. A new external wall also provides a great place to put a window, saving you from having to alter the rear or side walls.

If you are considering converting a garage you should have a look at how much floor space the project could seemingly add to your property. Some people will even look at adding a second storey to boost the space even further. At Johnston Property Maintenance we can provide a wide range of professional building services to property owners across Stirling and beyond. We have many years of experience with garage conversions and strive to provide as much value as possible to every single project. Clients can rely on us from the start to the finish of the project; we can even arrange for our professional tradesmen to handle the interior.