Supplying superior management for self build projects

If you have spent years dreaming of building your own home you probably know every inch of it. The blueprint in your head likely represents every design idea you have ever had. As an experienced and industry respected construction firm we can offer you a comprehensive range of on site and in trade services and help you build your perfect home.

As specialists in new structures we can offer you all the advice you need. Once you decide to undertake a new build there are a few things to think about to ensure a swift, stress free and successful project. Do not panic if you cannot find the right plot immediately. Over 13,000 people locate land for a new build every year. There are several easy to use online resources available such as Plotsearch. Word of mouth is still very effective so if you are interested in an area it can be useful to let local residents know that you are interested in joining their community.

Once you find the right plot for you it is best to set yourself a realistic budget. Television shows may give us the impression that self builds turn into money pits but this does not have to be the case. By taking a sensible and well planned approach to budgeting and setting feasible figures in place before design work begins you can avoid financial headaches and interruptions to work at a later stage. It is always wise to have a contingency. Reserve around 10% of your budget for unplanned costs or issues that could possibly arise during the project. This ensures you can tackle any problem as well as avoid delays. If you still have this amount when the project is complete you can allocate it to the upgrade of designs and features.

By using professional builders you can be sure of a successful project. We regularly work with clients on the construction of their own properties and we can provide you with a full project management service. We can handle the architectural planning and permit applications and with our industry knowledge and experience you can be sure your project will be in the best possible hands.

If you are in need of builders in Stirling we provide a trustworthy and affordable option. We are the one stop solution for new builds, extensions and renovations and we can be relied on to complete every project within budget and on schedule.