The considerable value of a clean chimney

One of the most attractive features of a property is a working fireplace. Potential buyers and renters are always impressed when they see a functional fireplace as they enable cosy and comfortable winter nights basking in the warmth. Also, with rising gas and electricity costs, a solid fuel fire can help you save money on your heating bills. Due to their popularity and the extra value they can add to a property, a rising number of homeowners, investors and landlords are opting to install working fireplaces.

If your property already has a fireplace, you will be aware of the many benefits it offers. To ensure your fireplace remains safe and fully operational, it is important to keep your chimney clean. When your fire is crackling away the smoke carries creosote into the chimney and out of the property. Some of the creosote will always stick to the chimney walls, and if the layer is allowed to become too thick it can become flammable.

Fires that start in a chimney can quickly escalate. Carbon monoxide needs to find its way through the chimney and exit the house but a heavy build up of creosote can cause an obstruction and pose a threat to the health of the inhabitants.

By cleaning your chimney regularly, you can prevent a build up of creosote and make sure you have an efficiently functioning fireplace. We recommend that you clean your chimney annually at the very least. The gradual build up of soot and debris is unavoidable, but clearing it away can prevent potentially dangerous chimney fires.

As property maintenance specialists, we provide a selection of tradesman services for Stirling homes and businesses. Our chimney sweep service incorporates a complete clean of the chimney flue with quality brushes, flexible rods and a powerful, industrial vacuum. We will also make sure that your chimney is fitted with the correct pot or cowl and carry out a draught test to make sure the flue is clear and operational. If there are any existing problems with your chimney we will identify them and offer the best recommendations.