Permitted building work in Stirling

Causing harm to the environment is something to be avoided in all forms of building work. In order to ensure that we don't inadvertently do this with any changes or developments we make to property, Stirling Council has a comprehensive set of conditions defining which kinds of property work are permissible. While the Council are supportive in helping people understand what they can and cannot do with a property, the prospect of understanding all the rules and regulations can be quite daunting.

As part of our building services, we are happy to establish what planning permission is required for the work you want us to do. We will help you understand if the work falls into the current Stirling Council definition of a "permitted development", or if it is a project which would require special permission to be obtained in advance.

The introduction of permitted developments was always intended as a measure to support and encourage building work, rather than to make it more difficult. However, the complexities of the Stirling environment and the universal wish to protect it mean that guidelines are required to preserve it. As complicated as the process may seem, in effect it makes building and redevelopment work more straightforward and streamlined.

Features such as garages and sheds usually meet the criteria of a permitted development. While there have been instances where larger scale projects, such as house extensions, have fallen under the definition of permitted developments, it is never wise to make assumptions. By getting us involved at an early stage of planning, you can understand what permissions and certificates need to be in place before work starts.

As leading builders covering the Falkirk and Stirling areas, we are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our work whenever possible. However, we never allow this to have a detrimental impact on our services.