Protecting your roofing

A strong, weathertight roof is crucial to the stability of a property and ensures the inhabitants have protection against the elements. Any problems with the surface can cause major structural problems and health and safety issues. As a result it is important that landlords check the condition of their roofing periodically to ensure their assets and the wellbeing of tenants are protected.

It is a good idea to include roofing checks in property maintenance schedules. A quick look for signs of missing or broken tiles can prevent much bigger problems in the long run. If an issue is found, a more extensive check of the roof and the loft space can be done. You will then get an idea of what repairs are needed and how promptly the work needs to be carried out.

During your interior maintenance check, if any water spots are detected on ceilings on the upper floor, it is a sign there is a leak. A full inspection of the roof will be needed to find the source of the problem. Again, it is better to do this quickly before the issue worsens.

Working with a maintenance company who can handle roofing inspections and repairs can provide major benefits for landlords. It will save you from looking for a separate specialist and means you can get a professional opinion with each inspection. Additionally it means you will be in a position where you can take action quickly once a problem is found.

At Johnston Property Maintenance we provide a wide range of tradesman services for our clients throughout Stirling and beyond. We have builders, roofers, electricians, plumbers and a range of other specialists in our team so we can offer a truly comprehensive service. We work in both the domestic and commercial sectors and deliver the same high standards of service to every single client. To find out more about our services please contact us. We can arrange a full consultation and explain exactly what we have to offer. We can even provide free estimates for all of our services.