Are you maintaining properties effectively?

Landlords need to ensure their properties are properly maintained if they want to keep tenants happy, retain the property's value and find tenants who are interested in them when they are vacant. Regular inspections will be required to maximise safety and satisfy your legal obligations as the property owner. Maintenance plans should feature essential checks of the electrics, the gas supply and the boiler to ensure they are in a safe condition.

Regular checks coupled with proactive preventative measures can help to keep a property in a great condition and decrease the amount of wear, and dramatically reduce your repair bills over time. If you don't have time to check the property yourself it is a good idea to hire a professional property maintenance provider to do it for you. They will have the experience to help you and can also provide useful tips.

The best maintenance providers will understand the value of looking after the interior and exterior of the property. Both need attention over time to keep everything in order and protect the structure but the exterior can easily be ignored or neglected, resulting in potential problems.

The trees and plants in the gardens around the property can have a big impact on the kerb appeal and cosmetic value of the home, so when they're well maintained and look good they can help to increase the amount of interest you get when you need to find tenants. Overgrown, poorly tended gardens can also attract pests, which is another reason why all landlords should include the garden in their maintenance plans. A little time invested in keeping everything trimmed, clipped and neat will provide major benefits and can also influence the tenants to take care of the spaces.

At Johnston Property Maintenance we provide flexible property maintenance services for clients throughout Falkirk. We understand the value that a bespoke service provides and offer it to each and every landlord who chooses to work with us, creating a unique and suitable plan for maintaining various properties.