Can my loft be converted?

Loft conversions are an increasingly popular way to create more living space in homes across Scotland. While for many years a loft or an attic was considered only as a place to store items that were infrequently used, most now see the value in changing it into a useful extra room. However, it is important to note that not all lofts can be converted, and that there are a number of factors which must be considered.

Before committing to having a loft conversion, you need to establish whether or not the existing space will allow for a workable room. Just as all houses are built differently, every loft space is unique. The height available is the crucial factor to consider. Although this can change on a case to case basis, generally if the height from the ceiling to the floor of your loft is less than 2.2 metres, it will probably not be possible to have a conversion carried out.

The floor of your loft also needs to be considered. The original loft will usually not have been designed for regular or frequent use, so it is likely that the flooring would not be able to handle extra weight placed on it. Usually, the existing loft flooring can be reinforced to make a conversion possible, but consideration must be given to how this reinforcement will affect the weight placed on the building foundations.

Our team of Falkirk-based builders provide a complete range of construction services and property maintenance work, and we are also the number one choice for consultation on loft conversions. Our team can be trusted to give a full evaluation of your loft, advising you whether a conversion is possible and what it would involve. We work with you to create the extra space you are looking for, but always do this in a way that serves your best interests.

If you’re considering having your loft converted then you need to get in touch with us. From evaluation and design through to completing the work, we have the capability to deal with the whole process for you in the best and most competitively priced way.