A comprehensive window service

Windows are available in a huge range of styles and materials, from traditional timber sash or casements to modern metal or uPVC tilt and turn varieties. This gives property owners a great deal of choice so they can select the perfect windows for their property, obtaining the right combination of performance and aesthetics.

When choosing windows for a property it is important to consider the impact they will have on the shape of the opening. In many cases building work may be needed to adapt the dimensions of openings to accommodate the new ones. It is important that this is done with great care to ensure the stability of the property is not affected.

Temporary supports may be required while openings are adapted. This helps to retain the stability of the structure while the load is transferred safely. This may be required if you are altering the length and height of the opening because it will change the existing supports.

At Johnston Property Maintenance we have a team of dedicated builders ready to help with window alterations. We can arrange for them to visit your property to get an idea of the existing openings and determine what work will be needed to accommodate the new windows. The advice and recommendations they offer will always be delivered with your best interests in mind, both in terms of the stability of the property and the aesthetics at the end of the project.

When it comes to adapting the openings and fitting the new windows our team we will work with the utmost care. We are focused on making sure our team can offer the highest quality workmanship so you can always expect your new windows to be fitted professionally.

If it is not possible to adapt the opening and you want a specific window style, we can have them manufactured specifically for you. We can cater for all specifications and will deliver beautiful products that meet your needs. When it comes to building services in Falkirk, we are the only company you need to work with.