Providing world class hotel maintenance and repairs

Although we take pride in all the work we deliver, one of the best moments was when we were designated as the maintenance service providers to the Hilton hotels in Scotland. The Hilton name is world famous due to their reputation for excellence. In keeping that name and reputation, the company managing the group only appoints the very best to work for them. Being chosen as a company which met their criteria was a great honour for us and we believe this is a testament to our hard work and dedication.

While it's a great honour for us to have delivered to the expectations of an internationally famous hotel chain, we take even more pride in being able to deliver the same to all hotels in Scotland. We know and understand the importance of tourism to the Scottish economy, and invariably it is the experience visitors have in their accommodation which influences how they view and review their stay in our country. That's exactly why we are committed to the highest standards in hotel maintenance work.

It would be fair to say that a hotel experiences more wear and tear than nearly any other building. A busy hotel will be in use around the clock, and will have many different people making use of the facilities. Hotel owners must ensure that all maintenance and repairs are carried out as soon as possible, both for the comfort and safety of guests and to maintain their name and reputation. We deliver this with our building, repair and tradesman services in Falkirk and the surrounding areas.

Our team provide you with all the benefits of your own on-call hotel repair and maintenance team without the expense. We offer everything from routine maintenance services to emergency repair call outs. Our work in this respect has been proven to be world class, and we look forward to bringing it to your hotel.