Transforming the garage to unlock new living space

Properties with built on garages have a unique opportunity to unlock additional living space and add value to the home. By converting the garage into living space you can earn as much as an extra 10% on the total value and be left with a flexible space that could be used for a wide range of things, from a dining room to a study or games room.

The potential living space you can create in a garage will typically be longer and thinner than standard rooms. This offers some advantages and means that it can be used to create two smaller rooms if required. To ensure you make the best use of the space it is wise to draw up some designs and see what you can do with it.

Converting built on garages can occasionally be done without needing to apply for planning permission under permitted development rights, especially if you aren't making big alterations to the structure. Listed buildings and properties in conservation areas are likely to require permission though.

When you convert the garage you need to ensure the space complies with building regulations. This includes making sure there is appropriate insulation, moisture proofing and fireproofing. The structure must also be sound. If two rooms are being created both need to comply, including having their own ventilation and escape routes.

The biggest change when converting a garage is typically replacing the door. Many people like to build an infill wall in its place complete with a window to keep the room lit. This is acceptable in many cases but the new wall will need suitable foundations. Again building regulations need to be met.

To make the most of the conversion you need to invest in quality workmanship. This will be apparent when people step in the new space and you want them to be very impressed with the standard. At Johnston Property Maintenance we have a team of builders who have successfully converted a number of garages. We can deliver a first rate service for all clients, leaving them with new living space that satisfies their requirements.

If you have any questions about converting a garage please contact us. We providing building, construction and property maintenance services to all clients throughout Stirling and beyond, delivering outstanding workmanship you can be proud of.