What type of driveway do you want?

Your driveway is much more than simply a place to park your vehicle so it is safely off the road. It is also an important feature of the property and can have a big impact on the aesthetics. You should take good care of an existing one and ensure you consider all of the various design options that are available when creating a new drive.

One thing to keep in mind when you are designing a new driveway is how much work will be required for upkeep. Each option will have different aesthetic qualities but will also need specific care and maintenance to keep it looking great. You should ensure you are prepared for this and the costs.

There are several low maintenance options to choose from for your drive including tarmac and concrete. The latter can be stamped to make it look like brickwork if you want to maximise the aesthetics. Both materials are hard wearing and are very good for drives that will see a lot of traffic. The flexibility of concrete and tarmac also makes them great choices for unusual shaped drives.

Blocks and slabs are slightly more decorative. They come in many shapes, sizes and colours so you can create a driveway that is unique and eye-catching. You'll have a great opportunity to be creative with the design but need to be prepared for the additional installation time and maintenance requirements.

Gravel is another option and provides a great combination of aesthetics and flexibility. Again there is a choice of colours so you can select the right one for your site. You need to be aware of the fact that the materials will shift over time and need replacing periodically too.

At Johnston Property Maintenance we can offer advice about driveway designs and help clients to choose the right option for their needs. Our team of builders can handle the construction, ensuring the new drive is built to a professional standard. We serve clients across Stirling and have forged a fantastic reputation for our hard work and quality workmanship.