Is your loft worth converting?

Having your loft transformed into extra living space has been incredibly popular for years as people realise the benefits of conversion. However, before you spend the money on the conversion project, you should make sure the space is suitable and will be an improvement to your home.

Firstly, an easy check you can do to determine if the idea is feasible is to go up and have a look. This gives you the opportunity to see how much space is available and visualise what you will do with it. You should think about how much will fit in the space you have, and how it will be decorated. You also need to consider the shape and structure and the impact this will have.

Alongside looking at the space you should think about how accessible the space is and how will you get to it. Consider if you are going to renovate the current staircase or ladders, or if installing a new access method is a better option. You need to think about what is possible and what isn't, as well as factoring in health and safety.

When you have had a look and gotten a vague idea of what you want then you need to take measurements to find out the specifics of the area you have to work with. You need to make sure you will have enough headroom to be comfortable. Measuring is very useful in assuring you can plan what is going to be put it in the space and where everything fits. You should never buy the furniture before the job is done and you have re-measured.

A really important thing to do is check you have the proper permissions to carry out the conversion. You will need to install sky lights if you are planning on converting the loft into a bedroom and these will need permission too because they can alter the exterior of the property.

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